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Our psychologists work with individual children, young people or adults, in a home, school or agency setting. Collaboration and consultation is at the heart of our approach, and we will work with you to develop flexible and creative strategies to promote learning, positive change in behaviour and thinking at individual, group or systemic levels. We apply psychology to support children and young people with all types of special and additional need including learning and cognitive development, social, emotional and behavioural needs, identified needs such as Autism and children with a range of speech and language, visual, sensory and other impairments, as well as children with any type of physical disability.

Also central to our work is the notion that children’s needs are often powerfully mediated by the dynamic human and physical environment around them, so our work as applied psychologists very frequently extends to those who live and work with children and young people, such as school staff and families.

Our comprehensive range of psychology services includes:

► Consultancy and advice

From your first point of contact with Real Psychology our aim is to listen and understand your needs. We’ll talk with you – not to you. Consultancy and advice are services in themselves, but they also underpin everything else we do. In particular Real Psychologists can:

  • Advise individuals about issues pertaining to themselves and others in their care be it in schools, at home or in any other setting.
  • Work with professionals, schools and families to help them promote positive changes for children and young people
  • Provide comprehensive advice and promote understanding of all systems surrounding a child, and evidence-based intervention models to support them.

We’re confident that our consultancy and advice will give you the knowledge and understanding to commission the services that will help you most.

► Assessment and intervention

At Real Psychology, we recognise that positive change occurs when those most involved with a young person work together to understand what is most helpful to them. To make this possible, Real Psychologists are able to apply their extensive experience in:

  • Psychological assessment and intervention methods.
  • Facilitating teamwork to support young people.
  • Working with a wide age and ability range of young people.
  • Applying techniques to promote positive behaviour changes within school and family systems.

We also provide an expert witness assessment service for complex cases that go to court or tribunal.

► Training and projects

Real Psychology has the experience and expertise to provide high quality, innovative and ethical long and short-term projects using traditional and cutting-edge approaches to support change.

Benefiting from Real Group’s tried and tested training  Real Training, Real Psychology can develop bespoke training packages for schools and agencies to support change at an individual and organisational level.

Using evidence-based approaches incorporating group dynamics (young people, professionals, parents), Real Psychology can offer the potential scope for exciting and sustained work over time.

► Monitoring and data analysis

Many schools are awash with data from a wide range of sources, and are looking for effective ways to integrate this data into a coherent understanding of performance and potential.  By combining extensive knowledge of assessment in schools with cutting-edge data analysis and rigorous reporting, Real Psychology can help you fully exploit the richness of your assessment data, including, include:

  • Individual analysis – providing advice on the interpretation of pupil-level assessment data to plan interventions and evaluation.
  • Cohort monitoring – analysing assessment data of whole cohorts to describe performance over time and across groups, giving accurate understanding of issues relating to variation in group potential and attainment.
  • Whole-school effectiveness – analysing school-level data, tracking performance over time and comparing this to wider benchmarks.
  • Bespoke surveys and assessments – generating, managing and analysing data on specific areas of interest to you, such as pupil attitude and engagement

► Selecting the right people

Modern schools are highly complex organisations with increasing opportunities to shape their own future. Fundamental to that success is putting the right people in place and ensuring they work effectively together. Real Psychology can partner with you to employ the latest thinking in organisational psychology to help you select, develop and retain the right people.

All schools rely on the quality of their staff to deliver the excellent standard of education children deserve. But as the range of roles in schools grows, so does the challenge of defining and identifying the core skills and abilities needed for successful performance. Real Psychology uses experts in assessment who work with you to meet the recruitment challenge by:

  • Defining the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for successful role performance.
  • Reviewing, developing and streamlining your recruitment processes.
  • Developing competency-based interviews and training staff to conduct these.
  • Designing ‘live’ exercises (e.g. presentations and analysis exercises) and assessment frameworks.
  • Providing psychometric assessments of capability, style and motivation to support recruitment decisions.
  • Ensuring all your recruitment activities are based on current evidence-based practice, making them objective, fair and effective.

► Team development

Whole-school effectiveness relies on the ability of high-performing individuals to work together to create exceptional results. Experience shows us that relationships and the communication that occurs within these relationships is key to successful teamwork. Real Psychologists target these areas by developing self-awareness and interpersonal-awareness, and through these harness the capabilities and energy essential for creating the highest levels of performance. Our interventions are always tailored to your specific needs, but may include:

  • Appreciating the strength that comes from diversity and differences between team members.
  • Understanding how structural aspects of the school impact on issues such as communication, goals and working practices.
  • Developing a common ‘language’ to make communication positive and constructive.
  • Creating a shared vision to harness individual energy and focus it to achieve organisational goals.

► Designing and facilitating feedback systems

The desire to develop and grow is fundamental to all of us. Honest and trusted feedback provides the foundation for development by giving us knowledge of where we are now,
where we need to go and the progress we have made. Based on understanding individual and school development needs, Real Psychology designs, implements and supports bespoke feedback systems including:

  • Implementing and managing surveys.
  • 360° programmes and engagement health-checks.
  • In-depth assessments to drive individual and team development initiatives.
  • Realising strength in diversity through enhancing working relationships and communication.
  • Bespoke training programmes to enhance staff performance

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