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At Real Psychology we maintain the highest professional standards. Real Psychologists are British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologists and are registered by the Health and Care Professions Council.

Beyond our external accreditations, we also demand the highest standards of impartiality and objectivity in our professional relationships. We will always put the best interests of the client before expediency even if that is sometimes not the easiest path to follow. With this in mind, we support our psychologists who provide constructive challenge to clients, colleagues and partners.

We understand that clients and partners working with psychologists expect services to be delivered with honesty and integrity. If we believe that a client will benefit from additional services we will always outline if these services could be provided by alternative sources, such as the NHS or a local council.

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Chartered Psychologists

The recognised benchmark of professional recognition for psychologists, Chartered Psychologist status can only be conferred by the British Psychological Society and reflects the highest standards of psychological knowledge and expertise.

Psychologists who are members of the British Psychological Society are bound by the BPS Code of Conduct. Psychologists who are also members of the BPS Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) work within the DECP Professional Practice Guidelines.
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Health Professions Council

All our practitioner psychologists are also registered by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Membership of the HCPC means that the psychologist has met the appropriate professional requirements to join the Statutory Register. Registered Psychologists work within the ethical framework set out in the HPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.
Data Protection

Data Protection Policy

Real Psychology aims to always uphold the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018. For further information, please contact us on 01273 35 80 80 or via our contact form.

Specifically Real Psychology will:
  • always ensure the author of the report and the organisation is clearly identified;
  • indicate clearly to whom the information therein will be given;
  • use the information therein only for the purpose agreed by the client (and/or their carers as appropriate);
  • ensure that, where any third party is to be given access to the information provided by Real Psychology, this has been agreed by the client (and/or their carers as appropriate) in advance;
  • ensure all reports are stored securely so that only those with legitimate access can see it;
  • hold information for no longer than is reasonably necessary and will destroy it when it is no longer appropriate to hold it;
  • review all files annually and destroy those that no longer meet the point above.
Furthermore Real Psychology will:
  • inform all individuals (and/or their carers as appropriate) of all information held about them;
  • remove or correct any information found to be inaccurate;
  • provide compensation should any individual show they have been caused damage by contravention of the Act.

If you feel that your data protection or privacy rights have in any way been infringed please contact the Real Psychology administrator in the first place on 020 7183 3318.

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